Severe Problems

Positive Progress on Dog Behavior Problems

Let Us Help You With the Toughest Pet Troubles

Don't allow your dog to put other people, other animals, or themselves at risk. Take care of behavioral problems that can cause significant stress for both you and your puppy or dog with professional dog training from Little Rascals Pet Training.

Choose a pet trainer who can offer you personalized, compassionate training to teach your dog the proper social behaviors expected of them. Our locally owned and operated training service has been providing the community with solutions to pet behavior issues since 1982.

Solve Your Dog's Behavior Issues

  • Uncontrollable barking
  • Chewing inappropriate items
  • OCD
  • Aggression
  • Submissive or excitement urination
  • Unwanted chasing

Inhibit Biting and Other Aggressive Problems

Take the steps you need in order to prevent painful bites as your puppy grows and to solve issues with aggression. Find out more about how you can train your pet with the training document we've provided and contact us to learn more.
Call 440-570-3490 for a FREE initial phone consultation on pet behavior problems.
"The BEST trainer ever! I'm glad I took my Chocolate Lab for training with Vickie because now he's a Therapy Dog! "

- Mary Ann P.
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