Counseling for Shelter Rescues

Caring Counseling for Shelter Dogs

Learn to Care for Your Rescue

Adopting a shelter rescue to care for can be a tough job if your new pup has behavioral issues from inadequate training or a bad home situation, but you can always count on our help. At Little Rascals Pet Training, we can help with your basic training needs like house-breaking and crating, but also offer an array of behavioral counseling services aimed specifically at shelter dogs and their socialization.

Learn more about Vickie's training process. Call Vickie today! She can work with any dog of any breed and makes house calls, which are less stressful for your new pet and also more convenient for you.

Prevent Tough Behavioral Issues With Our Help

  • Aggression
  • Biting
  • Anti-social behaviors
  • Separation anxiety

Solve Separation Anxiety

Accounting for a large portion of social behavioral issues or cases in dogs, separation anxiety can cause a wide array of behavioral problems in animals, from following their owner from room to room to chewing, digging, and even self-harm.

Behavior modification can have a huge impact on your dog's behavior, but this training does take a good deal of time and patience. Find out more about how you can train your pet in a variety of ways with our helpful training document before reaching out to us.
Call 440-570-3490 for a FREE initial phone consultation on counseling your
shelter dog.
"Vickie took my Dog from eating walls and dragging me down the street to a loyal and loving member of the family. She did what another trainer could not do in months in just a few hours."

- Anmarie A.
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