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I was at my wits' end with Killian by the time he was 10 months old. He was extremely defiant. I still tell everyone to this day he was a horrible puppy. After Vickie had spent 30-45 minutes on the phone with me, reassuring me that everything could change, we signed up for her Basic 10-week course at PetSmart. I chose a Saturday morning class, because if I could control him in a busy, noisy store, then I figured there was hope. On the first day of class, we arrived and Killian had his metal spike choke collar on. Vickie asked why and I told her that this was the only way I could half-control him. By the end of our 10 weeks, Killian was a changed dog. He was the top of his class. After class was finished, we continually reinforced the commands we were taught. There was no more screaming or yelling because of him misbehaving. He knew what we expected and did what we told him to do. The praise we gave him encouraged him to continue with his good behavior. We took him everywhere with us and never had to worry that he wouldn't listen. We have a very busy household, with people coming and going constantly. He always listened. We constantly got compliments from people we didn't even know on how well-behaved he was. Without the encouragement and training from Vickie, I know the outcome would have been totally different. I wish to thank you, Vickie, for everything.

- Kim Hoff

We went to Beginner Education at another store and felt nothing was accomplished and our money was wasted. We feel in Intermediate Education, Vickie helped us with our dog so much.

- Mr. and Mrs. Sinko

My husband and I adopted Reno eight years ago. At the time, Reno had been picked up by Akron Animal Control as a stray, so the shelter did not have any information on his previous owners. We quickly learned for ourselves that he had not been treated very well. It took two visits to the shelter in order for him to get used to us. Then, in the first few days we had him at home, my husband came home from work; as he proceeded to get undressed, he removed his belt from his waistband and Reno, who had been laying on the floor next to him, jumped to his feet and went flying into the other room, shaking uncontrollably. We could only assume that meant he had suffered some sort of abuse.

When we first signed up for a training class with Vickie, my intent was to get Reno (and myself) trained on the basic commands, but Reno and I received so much more. Vickie not only provided a common sense approach to things like the basics of sit, stay, and come, she also advised me not to try and pet Reno on the head. Since he had been getting hit in his previous situation, any outstretched hand reaching for him would be a threat. This advice, combined with the practice we did on the basic commands, served to strengthen the bonds between Reno and us. Not long after his graduation, we were able to pet him on the head without him shying away from us. Eight years later, he has become a great companion to my husband and I. Love, patience, and the right kind of training can work wonders with any dog.

- Debby Barath

I have a dog that is part Great Pyrenees and part Anatolian Shepherd. We initially got her for my son. She grew leaps and bounds and started chewing on walls and scratching everything I owned. I had a trainer come to the house, but after 3 times, things still were not working. Chloe began to jump on people and she was dragging me down the street for walks. In tears and desperation, I found Vickie. In only one hour, she was able to start giving commands to Chloe that she was responding to. She really seems to know how a dog's brain works and can really speak their language. She also really supports the dog owner, building their confidence and giving them hands-on techniques that really work. Chloe worked with Vickie and the wand was waved. Chloe has turned into a wonderful family addition who listens and her walks have become enjoyable for both of us. I cannot thank Vickie enough for her skills and training, it has made Chloe who she is today.

- Anmarie Antenucci

Hi there, my name is Anna and when my mommy adopted me I was only a year and a half old and very scared. In the home I came from, the husband didn't like me and treated me badly. I never went anywhere and didn't meet any people or other dogs. When I got to my new home, I now had a big brother, Nash to look after me, but I was still unsure of what was happening. I shook uncontrollably for hours at a time.

Fortunately for me, my mom knew Vickie was a dog trainer that could help me get over my fears. I knew some basic commands, but we started out in beginner's class just to help me get socialized. Well, I spent the first three weeks hiding under my mom's chair, but, with positive reinforcement, I slowly became more comfortable with people and other dogs.

That was ten and a half years ago and today I am a confident girl who loves people and other dogs. I still keep my mom close to me, but now I can go to see my grandma at her assisted living apartment and have a wonderful time bringing joy to the residents. Without the love and care I received during and after my training, who knows what would have become of my life. Vickie, thank you very much!

- Anna

Vickie is a very knowledgeable trainer. She is excellent with the dogs. Goober was a rescue and had issues with other dogs when we were out walking. We attended a lot of Vickie's classes. With a lot of TLC and work, he has really improved a great deal. He is a very good boy now.

- Wendy Schmidt

I am Baliey, a labradoodle and I am 8 years old. My sisters are Riley, a 4-year-old pug, and Jenna, a cockapoo who is 10. We were all getting along great until last February. I decided I was the boss around the house and would bite my sisters and not listen to my parents to let go. My mom and dad were very upset and became afraid I would hurt someone. I would push mom's hand off the computer while she was typing because I wanted attention and I would lean on people and demand attention. When mom fed us, we would all run in a pack to eat; we would knock you down if you got in the way. 

Mom really became very nervous around me.

Mom called Vickie!

Vickie taught mom how to be the boss. We now have to sit and wait for our food. We have to follow directions. I only get attention when mom and dad want to give it (which is often), not when I demand it. Mom even makes us sit before she will throw the ball for me. I was resistant at first, but I am learning and mom is learning to be the boss. Thanks, Vickie!

- Karla and Paul Nesta

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